How To Perform Umra

Steps To Do Umra

  1. Do GHUSL and make abulusion (wadu). This ensures that body is clean.Proclaim the intention (Niyah) for umra
  2. Wear Ihram at or before Miqat
  3. Pray two rakat Nafal
  4. Recite Talbiya repeatedly
  5. Go to masjid al-haram
  6. Perform Tawaf at Kaba by completing seven circuits
  7. Pray two rakats by moqam e- Ibrahim
  8. Drink Zam Zam water
  9. Perform Sai by doing seven walks/runs between the mountains of Safa and Marwa
  10. Get hair cut, head shaved or hair clipped
  11. Remove ihram
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