Hijri Months and Events

Hijri months of the islamic calaander.

Haj is performed during the haj months straight after the fasting month of Ramadaan, at the beginning of Shawaal to the last ten days of Dhul-Hija, as shwon in the caption below.

More about the Hijri Months

Hijri calendar is base on the purely lunar cycle. It differs from the slolar cycle by 11 days a year and as ican be seen from thr caption above, it consists of 12 lunar months, which are (1) Muharam; (2) Safar; (3) Rabi-al-awal; (4) Rabi al-Thaani; (5) Jumada ul-awal; (6) Jumada ul-Thaanyi (7) Rajab; (8) Sha`baan; (9) Ramadaan; (10) Shawal; (11) Dhul-Qada; and (12) Dhul-Hijja


Muharram mean fobidden. It was known as the sacred month in which unlawful acts were forbidden, especially shedding of blood. First day of Muharram is the the first day of the Islamic calander.

A day of distinction is 10th day of Muharam. Fasting on this day means that ones sins for the previous year are forgiven. Other significat information about Muharram is:

  • Prophet Adam was born on this day
  • Prophet Adam entered paradise on this day
  • Sea was parted on this day to make way for the bani Israel
  • Prophet Ayub was cured of his illness on this day
  • Heavens and oceans were created on this day


Safar is the second month of Hihri calendar. It means the "wistling of the wind". It was probbly a windy time of the year at the time when this name was assigned to this month.

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