Frequently Asked Haj Umra Questions

On this page you will find answers to haj umra questions that I have compliled. You may find an answer to a haj or umra related question you have in mind. If not, you are welcomed to ask a question, using the form at the bottom of this page.

If an answer to your haj or umra question is not readily available, we will make every attempt to provide an authantic answer within a reasonable time. Here is our current list of questions and answers:

Why do haj?

Haj is obligatory once in a life time for every muslim, providing certain conditions are met. See below for conditions. It is also one of the five pillars of islam. More...

What are the conditions for haj?

A perosn must be able to afford it, be of sane mind, earnings must be through halal means. It is obigatory on a person who has the financial means to travel to Makkah and is able to maintain himself there and his dependants (if any) at home.

Do I have to go through an agent?

Definetly yes. You can not do haj without them. Saudi goverment has requirements that a all haj visa applications must be made through licensed agents. This is necessary to control piligrims arrivals for their own safety, access to facilities and well being while they are in the holy land.

What type of agents are there?

There are two types of agents.

  1. Those agents registered with the ministry of haj and licenced.
  2. Others generally known as sub-agents, who gather a group of pilgrims and take their documents for processing to the agents.

What type of agent should I approach?

The preferred agent is the registered or licenced agent who will be able to provide recourse actions in the event of a problem. Whereas the going through the sub-agent could leave you facing problems that the licensed agent would not be aware of.

How do I find a licensed agent in my area?

A list of licensed agents can be obtained from the Saudi Embassay in your country. Ensure that you select an agent from the liost
and easiliy avaiable to you in the city or area neaar you.

What is chanted by pilgrims at haj?

This is reciting an invocation. A dua in Arabic, knwn as Talbiyah. English translation is:

Here I am, Oh God, at Your command!
Here I am at Your command!
You are without associate!
Here I am at Your command!
To You are all praise, grace and dominion!
You are without associate!

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